Vasalisa - Retrieval of Intuition as Initiation

4 tasks

--be on one's own, developing consciousness

Veldean's Onion Tub, drawing
Veldean's Onion Tub, drawing


--experience directly one's own shadow nature
--best possible relationship with the worst parts of oneself
--old self dies, new intuitive self is born
--gifts from shadow material


--develop sensitivity to being in one's intuitive power
--learn way back home to Wild Mother
--feed intuition


--face the Wildness without wavering
--become familiar with the arcane, odd "otherness" of the Wild
--become "odd"
--learn to face great power in others, and one's own power



Happy House, watercolor resist
Happy House, watercolor resist


"This house is alive, bursting with enthusiasm, with joyous life. This is the main fundament of the psyche of Wild Woman, a joyous life force, where houses dance, where inanimates like mortars fly like birds, where the old woman can make magic, where nothing is what it seems, but for the most part is better than it seemed to begin with."

--Clarissa Pinkola Estes,
Women Who Run with the Wolves



digging with many hands ruckus, oh my! muckity between the toes


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