How are you doing?

My friend is coming to see me from DC this weekend. I want to show him the artwork we did. My friend is also an artist! Is it still at the same place (Wesley Foundation Building?? ... cannot spell)? if so, I want to go there and show him. oh, I forgot the person's (The person who works there .... Thompson??) name,... will you tell me his name please....please....please....please in case if I have to introduce him.....

hmm, I feel my brain is not working well...... I will be at school today...unusual!!! I hope I will see you, if I cannot see you, will you have a GREAT DAY, PLEASE!!!!!


Yes, Shinobu
Our work still hangs there as far as I know. I think Thompson Murray wants to keep it there! I would like that, would you?

I have a key to the building still if you aren't able to reach Thompson. His number is 555-1153

I keep trying to be back to my old self. I can never get back there. I make little bits of progress with my thesis work, Graduate Assistantship work and my Theory of Rhetoric work every day. But I keep having to work and love on myself and make my new way of being. It might not make sense, but I see things and feel things differently. The most important thing is making meaning and sharing it. I cannot stop myself . So I should trust this process, right?

Please have some fun with your friend this weekend. You deserve it!



Shinobu wrote:

are you in town this weekend??
if you don't mine, I would like to show my friend you art works from Colorado.
I talked about your works with him..
So if you have an extra time this weekend, will you show us your art words please.
And also your works for thesis..... But this is only if you have AN EXTRA TIME....


Aimee wrote:

Of course I have time, Shinobu. I can meet you somewhere, or you can come over.

Call me. 555-0520



Aimee wrote:

R U O. K.?


Shinobu wrote:

how are you doing?
are YOU okay???
I haven't seen you for a long time.
where are you every day????
how is your thesis going?
mine is dead

Aimee wrote:

My house is torn up from repair men making the house stand straight again
It will be torn up for a while
I struggle to keep sane

My thesis is hanging by spiderwebs

I'm lighting a fire under yours.
Time to blow on it and feed it
Wanna do small drawings about it?

(I'm trying on baby steps)


Shinobu wrote:

Oh, no.....your house is torn up....

I am sorry to hear about that!
but your thesis is hanging by spiderwebs...
that is COOL....mine is dead.
Your thesis is still alive
hahaha :)

You know I lost around 8 pounds since the storm.
but I got 5 pounds back and can sleep at night.
I am getting better.
I didn't no I was a sensitive person....hahah

Oh, sure, Aimee.
We can get together and do drawing, or maybe we can talk about our thesis, or etc etc.... Oh, maybe I will let you know when I get PICTURES!!!! I will get the drawing pictures soon....I hope! then I can bring them to you.
Does it sound GOOD?
So your feeling will be better....I hope!

My friend and I couldn't have a time to visit you.
We spend so much time just talking about many things.... But he wants to see you and your art works next time he visits here.... but he doesn't like Little Rock.... hahaha...so I am not sure when is the NEXT time????

Anyway, yes, I will email you when I get our drawing PICTURES. Wait just wait and wait LITTLE. JUST LITTLE






Collaborative Painting, by Aimee and Shinobu
Collaborative Painting, by Aimee and Shinobu
Trust the Process, detail of collaborative painting
Trust the Process, detail of Collaborative Painting
Divide at Equinox, monoprint
Divide at Equinox, monoprint
Fire Under Yours, detail of Collaborative Painting
Fire Under Yours, detail of Collaborative Painting


Feeling Better, dinner with friends
Oh Happiness - a celebration with friends!



digging with many hands ruckus, oh my! muckity between the toes


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