Writing Process;
A Process for Creative-Making


Gather in ideas, throw them around, research, write snippets, draw pictures, idea trees, diagrams, flow charts. Gather materials.

Envision, drawing
Envision, drawing


Mud soup
Swim in the chaos, live with it, talk about it, roll in it, toss out what doesn't work, season lightly with humor.


Put down the Big Picture
Usually refining bits as work progresses. Books, pictures, resources, and totems ready and piled around the workspace.

Work, pace around, work, pace. Original idea is polished as words, images, ideas emerge and message is clarified.


Go away for a while. Gain perspective. Refresh, renew, give grace.


Gain Perspective, class notes
Gain Perspective, class notes


Hone words, images, and ideas to sharpen clarity. Simplify. Say what you REALLY mean!

Sign and date your work.


Fluid Clarity, drawing
Fluid Clarity, drawing




digging with many hands ruckus, oh my! muckity between the toes


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