December Warmth, monoprint
December Warmth, monoprint


a radical fully enters into reality,
integrated with history and moment-
has information to meet others
eye to eye
with conscious confidence

"This individual is not afraid to...
meet the people, confront, listen to, see the world unveiled, enter into realty so that knowing it better can better transform it."

-Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Paulo Freire


Inter-connectedness, detail of Collaborative Painting


What predisposes radicalism?

socio-economic background
global thinking
visuality processing


Visuality Processes, detail of collaborative painting


creative problem solving
survivor mechanism
humanistic intelligence
connectedness / inter-connectedness

holistic / Zen way of seeing




Deep Scene, monoprint
Deep Scene, monoprint


Images above, top right: "Inter-connectedness," detail of Collaborative Painting
bottom right: "Visuality Processes," detail of Collaborative Painting


digging with many hands ruckus, oh my! muckity between the toes


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