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  digging with many hands

  ruckus, oh my!

  muckity between the toes

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Your participation creates your unique process of meaning making as you link your way through art and writings. The story within unfolds differently for each adventurer. Begin by clicking on one of the three interactive buttons on the left side of this page.

This story comes from an array of writings about a tornado, a thesis, and collaborations with other artists. The art works are the outcome of various collaborative processes:

  • Collaborative Painting, by Aimee Colmery and Shinobu Tateuchi, writer and fellow graduate student

  • Healing Art, by Aimee Colmery, Jenna Dixon (Aimee's daughter), and Margaret Nisbet--all fellow travelers through the tornado

  • Dr. Julia's Drawing, by Dr. Julia Ferganchick, professor and dynamo

  • All of the monoprints were made by Aimee Colmery and Barry Petri, an environmental sculptor from Trinidad, Colorado

  • All other drawings by Aimee Colmery, the principal creator in this atelier


Please respect our request to ask before you copy any art or writings. Most of these art works on paper are for sale, reasonably priced, matted, and signed. The mono-prints are the first batch of collaborative projects between Aimee and Barry. The artists' work is a great investment.

Contact Aimee Colmery at or Barry Petri at


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