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Greetings, fellow traveler

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I’d like to introduce myself.  I am a free spirit, a “hippy freakin” artist.  Adventuring far and wide across the planet, I have lived off my wits and creative talent in the Rockies, the Yukon, the Yukitan, and L’Ecole des Beaux Arts.  I hitchhiked across our continent several times.  I experienced communal living and living off the land before landing in Arkansas.  I have lived in Little Rock, Arkansas long enough to acquire a mortgage, a couple of degrees and raise an amazing kid.  My involvement with educational technology grew out of my love of the visual space, creating, learning, teaching, and logistical processes that bring about transformation.

During a spiritual retreat in Santa Fe, I worked in my studio with micaceous clay. Now, I make art, write and teach from my sweet new studio overlooking luscious gardens.

first batch before fire clouds from wood firing

first batch before fire clouds from wood firing

In my spiritual growth, I believe that goodness, grace and light prevail.  I am trusting the process of life.  Every experience and path taken so far has led to this very moment.  And that’s the gift, this very moment.  Breathing, being and creating right now.

In a deep, rich broth of ideas, feelings, facts, phrases, glimpses of the truth and beauty, we stir the creative lusciousness of mud soup.  Out of this broth is born our expression of the liminal, the divine from within our clear, true selves.

Divine lusciousness and prosperity to you.